The following is a complete list of all the buildings of Age of Empires 1.

Archery Range

Main Article: Archery Range Archery Ranges are the buildings where you can train archers. Archery Ranges cost less than other buildings and are useful because not much time is required for their construction.


Main Article: Barracks
A Barracks is a very useful building used for training swordmens and is necessary to reach to advance from the Stone Age to the Tool Age.


Main Article: Dock
A dock is a building built half on shallows and half on the land and grants you the ability to create Fishing Boats and Fire Ships.


Main Article: Granary
This building Grants the ability to collect food.

Storage Pit

Main Article: Storage Pit
Similar to Lumbercamp, construction of a storage pit is necessary to collect the wood from the Forests.