Coins are a unique form of resource in Age of Empires III that can be obtained through tribute or by mining areas with gold or silver. It is primarily used as a form of currency and it replaces gold in previous series such as Age of Empires and Age of Mythology where players gathered gold as opposed to coin.

Game Info Edit

Coin can be found and acquired through a large number of ways, some depending on the civilization that a player chooses.

Mines Edit

Coin can be mined from four different types of deposits. These are Tin mines, Silver mines, Copper mines, and Gold mines. Tin mines have 1500 units of Coin, Silver and Copper mines have 2000 units of Coin, and Gold mines have 5000 units of Coin. To mine Coin, all a player must to do is task a villager (or any other resource gathering unit) on the mine and the unit will automatically mine from it. These rates can be improved with Market upgrades and Home City shipments.

Whaling Edit

Whale oil can help fund your military exploits. A player can assign Fishing ships to gather Coin from various animals of the sea such as Humpback Whales, Beluga, and Minke Whales. Each spot can supply an infinite amount of Coin, but only four fishing ships can gather from a single spot at a time. Whaling is slower than mining gold, copper, and silver but is recemended for a late game supply of gold when all of the mines in the area are depleted. Gather rates can be improved from HomeCity shipments and Dock upgrades.

Buildings Edit

There are a couple buildings that can be used to generate Coin.

All nations will be able to produce Coin through either Rice Paddies (Asian civilizations) or Plantations (European Nations and Native Americans). These buildings have upgrades which make for faster gather rates and there are also Cards the can be sent from the Home City to improve the gather rates.

Banks are buildings that are unique to the Dutch nation. There is a limit to the number of Banks that the Dutch can build. Home City cards allow for cheaper Banks, better Bank generation rates, and a higher Bank limit. The Japanese are also able to build a single bank. To do this, the player must ally with the Dutch through the Consulate and pay 400 Export to receive a Bank Wagon that can be turned into a Bank. This Bank will not be able to be upgraded and no more can be built.

Factories can be built by all European civilizations as well as other civilizations, such as the Chinese and Indians (campaign only). European nations can build up to two Factories that can be improved with research-able technology in the Factory. For the Chinese or India to receive a factory, the player must ally with the Russians at the Consulate. India can't ally with Russia outside of the campaign however. For 800 Export, the player can send a Factory to their Home City Shipment Point.

The Capitol building does not produce Coin, however this building (for European civilizations, Town Center for Expansion Pack civilizations) can be used to research Excessive Taxation, which will increase gather rates for Coin production and provide a +2 limit to Banks for the Dutch.

Shrines can be built by Japanese civilizations that can be configured to automatically produce Coin. The generation rates can be increased through a few Home City Cards as well as by building the Toshogu Shrine.

Wonders such as the Toshogu Shrine and the Porcelain Tower will also automatically produce resources. The Toshugu Shrine will boost the rates of other Shrines as well as act as a powerful shrine itself. These resources will be deposited directly into the players stockpile. The Porcelain Tower will produce resources in increments of 300 which will be represented as crates spawning around the base of the structure. Both can be configured to generate Coin

Trade Edit

Trade is another way to acquire Coin. Players can sell Wood or Food in exchange for Coin. Advanced Markets card can be sent from the Home City to improve the exchange rates between resources.

Treasures Edit

The player can also get Coin from finding Treasures. Treasures can award units, XP, Bonuses, Food, Wood, and Coin.

Allies Edit

Last but not least, the player can get Coin from friendly players. Demands can be sent to Computer Players for instant payments of Coin or for many amounts over time. In multiplayer, players can also ask teammates for some spare Gold if they have run out, but be nice though!

Gather Rates Table Edit

The initial gathering rates.

Method Initial Rate
Mine (Tin, Silver, Copper, Gold) 35 Coin per minute
Whales (Humpback, Beluga, Minke) 30 Coin per minute
Plantation 25 Coin per minute
Banks 2.75 Coin per second
Factory 5.5 Coin per second