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A Coureur des Bois or Coureur is a French civilian unit that is featured in Age of Empires III. They come from New-France (Canada) where they would live off trading with the natives.

The Coureur des Bois are French Villagers who replace the normal Settlers that the other civilizations use. The Coureurs cost 20% more food (120 instead of 100) and train 16% slower than normal settlers (29 seconds versus 25), but gather resources 25% faster.

Note: The French lack the Medicine or Acupuncture cards, meaning they cannot lower the training time of the Coureur by themselves. They require an ally with the TEAM Medicine card, or a map featuring a Jesuit Mission.
Note: 80 Coureurs gather at the speed of 99 normal villagers and leave 19 more population for military units.

Despite higher hitpoints and a greater attack, Coureur des Bois do not make effective fighters. Their fighting skills can be improved by Home City cards that can make them effective in exploring the map and fighting off treasure guardians.

Note: They have ranged resistance (instead of melee resistance), which make early Ranged Infantry rushes less effective (unless using Carib Garifuna Drums), but increases the danger of melee attacks from Hussars and Rodeleros.
Note: Like all Settlers, Coureurs cannot use ranged attacks if the enemy is too close to them. Because they lack any melee resistance and multipliers on their melee attacks this can make gathering treasures guarded by melee units very inefficient.