The Discovery Age is the first age in the game Age of Empires III. It is characterised as the beginning of settlement in the "New World", exploration around the land, and the starting point of economics for the European settlers. It allows only a simple economy, including trade but does not allow for military development under normal circumstances. Because of limited technologies and little military strength during this age, it is strongly recommended to advance through the next age as soon as possible.

Units and Buildings available in the Discovery Age

The Discovery Age is followed by the Colonial Age.

Abnormal Military Development Edit

Some enemies may free captive military units from treasure guardians, convert treasure guardians, or train animals in the Discovery Age. However such armies are small, and very ineffective versus the enemy settlement. There is no effective way to capitalize on this advantage beyond an increased ability to gather more treasures for later ages or to use a caravel to prevent the enemy from building a dock through constant scouting of their shoreline (only useful on maps with small enemy shorelines such as Amazonia).