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Dragoons are a type of ranged counter-Cavalry unit used in Age of Empires III. Most Dragoons can be trained in the Fortress Age, unless TEAM Early Dragoons card is used by the Portugese.

Overview Edit

The Dragoon works as a ranged counter-Cavalry Cavalry unit. It is strong against most, if not all types of Cavalry, but is weak to Infantry, such as Light Infantry and has no resistance to melee attacks. The Dragoon is not considered to be the most useful type of Cavalry, due to its limited use and the fact that it is available in a later age than the Hussar. Several civilizations replace dragoons with Cavalry Archers, while the Dutch use Ruyters and the Germans use War Wagons and Black Riders.

If playing as the Portugese, Dragoons are available in the Colonial Age. Portuguese Dragoons are also more useful than other civilizations' as they can be upgraded to royal guard, giving them an advantage in attack and hitpoints (unction Dragoons have better attack but less hit points) compared to other civilizations. The Portugese can also give them the advantage in range if the right cards are used. Dragoons are also good against heavy infantry using guerilla tactics. Skirmishers if can also be engaged if the dragoons are put into melee mode. Overall Dragoons are a formidable unit that is good against Cavalry and even hand infantry if used correctly.

The Outlaw Rider treasure guardian type is a weaker version of the dragoon with no multipliers vs cavalry.

The Russians can't train Dragoons but can send nine Kalmuchs (Dragoons) from their church when the Royal Decree shipment has arrived.

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