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The Explorer is a unique Hero unit that is available for all European civilizations in Age of Empires III.

Game Information Edit

The Explorer is a very strong Unit that explores the uncharted areas of the map and also provides economical and military benefits for your growing colony. The Explorer usually is available only once in the beginning of a game and has many special abilities to help himself.

Armed with a powerful rifle, the Explorer can use his Sharpshooter ability to pick off one Treasure Guardian in a single shot and later learns Eye of Assassin which can be used on enemy units in a similar manner. Explorers are also one of the three units in the game (the others being the Settler and Villager) that can collect treasures. The Explorer can build Trading Posts and Town Centers more quickly than a Settler. The Explorer is also useful because he cannot be killed, only wounded. If an Explorer's hitpoints fall to zero, he will "faint", at which point he cannot move or fight. The Explorer can be revived by paying 100 Coin at the Town Center or by sending friendly units to his vicinity. The Explorer's hitpoints must be above 100 in order to be rescued by a friendly unit.

The Explorer is able to explore and fight longer if he has a few units accompanying him. Explorers are ineffective at raiding enemy settlements early in the game, as they only deal 30% damage against Settlers and Villagers. They are also very weak against Spies and Ninja.

The Portuguese have an Industrial Age Home City card, Bandeirantes, that ships two additional Explorers. The Spanish Explorer can train up to five War Dogs, to help fight Treasure Guardians.

Every European Civilization has its own Home City card improvement for their Explorer which improves his fighting ability and sends him a powerful Explorer Dog which also collapses instead of dying if its hitpoints fall to zero. The Explorer's dog is highly effective against treasure guardians. The Spanish explorer, instead of a canine companion, has his War Dogs' hitpoints and attack increased.

Explorer improvement cards Edit

British - Captain Edit

File:British captain.jpg

Improves the British Explorer in combat, and gives the powerful Swashbuckler attack, dealing AoE damage at close range.

Dutch - Stadhouder Edit

File:Dutch stadhouder.jpg

Improves the Dutch Explorer in combat, and lowers the costs for Town Centers to 200 Wood.

French - Voyageur Edit

File:French voyageur.jpg

Improves the French Explorer in combat and grants a healing ability.

Germans - Buergermeister Edit

File:German buergermeister.jpg

Improves the German Explorer in combat and doubles his building speed.

Ottomans - Agha Edit

File:Ottoman Agha.jpg

Improves the Ottoman Explorer in combat and increases his speed (+1 speed).

Portuguese - Navigator Edit

File:Portuguese Navigator.jpg

Improves the Portuguese explorer in combat and increases the effectiveness of his Spyglass ability (+6 LOS).



Ships 2 additional Explorers (unique to the Portuguese).

Russians - Polar Explorer Edit

File:Russian Polar explorer.jpg

Improves the Russian Explorer in combat, and improves his attack bonus against treasure guardians (5x bonus).

Spanish - Conquistador Edit

File:Spanish conquistador.jpg

Improves your Explorer and his war dogs in combat.

TEAM Explorer Combat

Improves attack and hitpoints for all explorers on your team.


Can boost the Spanish explorer up to an effective infantry unit with 60 damage, 75 siege damage and 3020 hitpoints in the late game if all other cards have been sent.

See also Edit

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