A Farm is a economic building that is featured in Age of Empires (Age I, Age II, Age III).

Age of Empires Edit

Name Farm
Age Tool Age
Prerequisites Build Town Center, Granary, Market.
Type Food Source
Wood Gold
75 0
HP 50

The Farm is a building that provides a reliable supply of Food, which can only be gathered by Villagers. The market must be built in order to build Farms. The productivity can be increased by researching domestication, the plow, and irrigation. Each technology increases food production by 75 points, totaling the food production up to 475 per farm. If played as the Sumerians, the farm productivity in every farm doubles without researching any of the farm upgrades. If played as the Minoans, the farm productivity increases by 25%.

Although multiple villagers can gather from a farm at once, secondary villagers are very unproductive in doing so; it is not worth doing at all. Farms do not allow units (even the villager) to pass through it (meaning you have to be careful about their placement) and cannot be automatically reseeded.

Age of Empires II Edit

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Farms in Age of Empires II provide a steady Food source inside a player's base. They may be upgraded to provide more Food at the Mill by the technologies Horse Collar, Heavy Plow, and Crop Rotation. Farms may be built early on, but become most useful in the late game, where they provide high amounts of Food due to upgrades and also because most other food sources (animals, forage bushes) are eventually used up.

Unlike in Age of Empires I, Farms may only be gathered from by one Villager at a time. Farms are very weak and do not hinder movements of friendly or enemy troops. If an enemy takes over a farm, he may use a Villager to collect from it. Farms can be automatically reseeded by "buying" them in advance from the Mill.


The technology of farming was carried forward into the Middle Ages and improved. Northern European soils were often rich glacial deposits hidden under dense forests. Over the course of the Middle Ages, much of this land was cleared and converted into farms. Key technology improvements in farming were the improved horse harness, the heavy plow, and crop rotation. The new horse harness did not choke the animal and increased pulling power. The heavy plow could cut into the dense soils. Farms in Europe were largely communal affairs where each family received the produce of several rows in the field. The production of some rows went directly to the local lord as his rent.

Age of Empires III Edit

For the Age of Empires III variant of the Farm, see Mill

The farm is a building added in The WarChiefs expansion, it acts as the Native American version of the mill.

Age of Mythology Edit

Farms in Age of Mythology are similar to those in Age of Empires II, the main difference being that they provide infinite food, without needing to be rebuilt. They cost 75 Wood for the Norse and the Greeks, 70 Gold for the Egyptians, and 200 Wood for the Atlanteans (probably due to the Citizen working much faster than the other villagers).