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The icon of the grenadier

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A Grenadier is a Heavy Infantry Unit that is featured in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

The Grenadiers are a type of fairly expensive Heavy Infantry which acts as a very weak artillery piece (though is not considered true artillery for purposes of damage multipliers on units like Culverins). The Grenadier's many hit points and their deadly explosives are very effective against enemy buildings and groups of heavy infantry like halberds and pikemen especially with their area of effect attack of 3 (4 with Incendiary Grenades) (bombard not applicable to buildings) they have a range and siege range of 12, however due to their Heavy Infantry classification they are easily dispatched by units with high multipliers versus Heavy Infantry or Infantry (such as true artillery).

Royal GuardEdit

Ottomans - Baractu Grenadier

Russians - Pavlov Grenadier