A House is a civilian building that is used for housing units in Age of Empires, Age of Empires II, Age of Empires III, and Age of Mythology. The House is available to almost every civilization in the Age of Empires series.

Overview Edit

A House is a basic building that can support a population of 4 (in Age of Empires), 5 (in Age of Empires II), 10 (in Age of Empires III), Settlers or Villagers and military units. Houses should be constructed when necessary to expand your civilization to the maximum that is allowed by your population limit. Houses are cheap, but are still considered as very important buildings for the survival and expansion of your civilization.

In Age of Empires III there are 4 different types of houses which are House (West), House (Medium), and House (East) and the special Manor House (unique to the British) which spawns a new Settler every time it is built.

Age of Empires Edit

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Houses can be built by Villagers and its hitpoints can be increased and build time decreased when the player researches Architecture from Government Center .

Age of Empires II Edit

In Age of Empires II, the House's Line of Sight (LOS) can be upgraded from Town Watch and Town Patrol at the Town Center and receives more hitpoints from the Masonry and Architecture technologies researched at the University


During the Middle Ages in Europe, peasants often kept farm animals in a separate room or on the ground floor of their houses. Merchants and craftsmen also used ground floors as a place of business with living areas above. Lords lived in larger manor houses with kitchens separated to reduce the risk of fire. The homes of lords in the Dark Ages were fortified before the advent of castles.

Age of Mythology Edit

File:AoM House.png
The House is virtually similar for Greeks, Egyptians and Norse. The only difference is that they support 10 population and only 10 can be built at a time.

The only way to have more population is to build more Town Centers on Settlements.

Atlanteans don't have Houses but Manors which supports 20 but can only be built 5 at a time.

Age of Empires III Edit

File:Aoe3 house east age2 01.png

The house returns in Age of Empires III, they support 10 population in most cases and have a build limit of 20. See each civilizations home city cards for information on their respective cards for houses (if not listed below).

Note: All houses can have their hitpoints improved by using the appropriate "Improved Buildings" card for that civilization.
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