For the related Age of Empires II unit, see Longbowman (Age of Empires II).

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The Longbowman is a unique unit featured in Age of Empires III only available to the British.


Longbowman have a powerful long range and a fast rate of fire, but this makes these skilled archers more expensive. they have a range of 22 (26 with Yeomen HC shipment) giving them the second longest range of any infantry in the game (only the Aztec Arrow Knight has a longer range at 30). The Longbowmen are effective against enemy infantry units such as the Musketeers, but they lose to Cavalry and Artillery units. As they are an archaic unit like the Crossbowmen and Pikemen they cannot be upgraded beyond Veteran level unless the Yeomen Home City card is sent. The card unlocks the Guard and Imperial levels for this unit.

The Longbowman is good against infantry. This unit is good for attacking due to its long range, damage (which is only slightly lower than other ranged units of that type) and high Rate of Fire.