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Name Mediocre Bombard
Age Discovery Age
Building Town Center
Type Heavy Artillery
Wood Food Coin
HP 500
Population Cost {{{Population Cost}}}
Attack 5000
Range 22
Armor 0
Resistance 75% Ranged
Speed 2 (Slow)

A Mediocre Bombard is a Artillery Cheat Unit that is similar to the Great Bombard used by the Ottomans in Age of Empires III. The unit starts out with 500 hit points, 10% resistance to ranged damage, 20 range and 5000 attack. It fires 2X faster than an ordinary bombard, has a much greater splash damage to enemy units, and uses Capybaras as ammunition.

Its description from the game notes how it was made by people nostalgic about Age of Empires II.

Gameplay Edit

The Mediocre Bombard has a much more powerful strength of attack than the Great Bombard. It is the artillery piece that has the most amount of attack damage and can destroy or kill enemy units or buildings in less than 2 or 3 hits. It also has a much faster rate of attack than the Great Bombard. Despite its powerful gargantuan attacks as a cheat unit the Mediocre Bombard is an unrealistic unit and as part of that it only fires Capybaras. To use one of these, simply (during gameplay) push the "Enter" button, opening chat, and type in "ya gotta make do with what ya got" (the exact spelling is needed). A Mediocre Bombard will then spawn at the Home City drop point.