For the Age of Empires varient of the Mill, see Granary.

The Mill is an economic building which provides a colony with a steady supply of Food. Mills are featured in Age of Empires II and Age of Empires III.

Age of Empires IIEdit

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Mills are used by Villagers to deposit Food they have collected. They are also used to research Farming technologies and are used to queue Farms in The Conquerors expansion.


One of the early industrial enterprises of the Middle Ages was the grinding Mill. Handed down from antiquity, this technology greatly sped the otherwise backbreaking process of grinding wheat and other grains into flour. Mills used water, wind, and animal power to turn the grinding stone. Grain was converted into flour and the mille owner kept a percentage of the flour as compensation. Mills might be owned by a local lord, a monastery, or a local entrepreneur The profits of mills led to conflict and competition, and the right to grind grain for a community had to be paid for and defended. Millers could become modestly wealthy. They became part of the rising middle class of merchants and craftsmen that grew in importance as the Middle Ages progressed.

Age of Empires III Edit


Mills are used to attain a steady (and more sustainable) source of Food, but does not provide as much of the resource per Settler as hunting unless a significant effort is made in both upgrades, home city cards and native upgrades. Up to 10 Settlers can work on a Mill at once, though due to collisions between units it's best to only have 7 per structure. Mills placed to closely together (side by side with no space between them) may cause some villagers to "migrate" to the adjacent mill, this bug occurs with plantations and rice paddies as well. Also, there are some upgrades that the Mill provides for faster farming. It is comparable to the Plantation, which works the same way, but produces Coin.

In the Discovery Age the following upgrades are available:

Seed Drill costs 150 Wood and 150 Coin . Villagers gather Food at Mills 15% faster.