Musketeer AoE3
Name Musketeer
Type Infantry
Classification Offensive
hp 0
Attack 13
Range 0-12
Ship Attack 1
Ship Range 1
Wood 0
Food 25
Population {{{population}}}
Others 75
The Musketeer is a standard infantry unit used by many civilizations, consisting of the British, Spanish, French, Russians and Portuguese. This unit is available in the beginning of the Colonial Age once the construction of a Barracks has been completed.


Musketeers are infantry units armed with a smooth bore musket to fight other infantry, and a bayonet to fight cavalry in close quarters combat. Musketeers are short ranged and never miss but they have a slow rate of fire compared to most archer units such as the longbowman. Musketeers are fairly weak against artillery and light infantry, but when in large numbers they can easily kill certain cavalry and light infantry.

Some civilizations, such as the Ottomans, Germans and Dutch do not have musketeers. The Ottomans have the similar Janissary unit, the Dutch receive the Stadhouder if the Religious Freedom card is sent, and the Germans use the doppelsoldner. The Japanese have the ashigaru musketeer and the Indians have sepoy instead.

Age of Empires IIIEdit

The British & Portuguese Musketeers can be upgraded to royal guard, making them the strongest musketeers.

The WarChiefsEdit

In The WarChiefs the Spanish musketeer becomes the most damaging, population-effective musketeer when influenced by unction. Unction is also cheaper to use than the royal guard upgrade, costing only 1000 Wood and 1000 Coin versus the 1500 of each for the royal guard upgrade. The cost of unction can be reduced even further, down to 500 of each resource if Spain allies with the Russians (TEAM Cheap Priests).


Musketeers can be upgraded into a Veteran Musketeer, Guard Musketeer and Imperial Musketeer depending on the age reached. They can further be improved with home city shipments, minor civilization upgrades, unique church upgrades and arsenal upgrades (especially when using the "Advanced Arsenal" card).

Veteran Musketeers are slighly better than ordinary Musketeers with higher hit points and better attack. Veteran Musketeers are have the lowest rank. They are available for 200 Wood and 200 Coin at the Barracks once Fortress Age is reached.

Hit Points: 180
Ranged Attack: 27
Siege Attack: 24
Hand Attack: 15 (45 vs Cavalry)

Guard Musketeers are better than Veteran Musketeers in terms of the amount of hit points and the amount of damage it inflicts on a certain unit. The upgrade is available at the Barracks for 1000 Wood and 1000 Coin once Industrial Age is reached.

Hit Points: 195
Ranged Attack: 29
Siege Attack: 26
Hand Attack: 16 (48 vs Cavalry)

The Imperial Musketeer is the final and strongest form of the Musketeer and is the successor of the Guard Musketeer. Imperial Musketeers have the highest amount of hit points and deals the most damage out of all types of Musketeers in the game due to their high rank. The upgrade is available at the Barracks for 1500 Wood and 1500 Coin once the Imperial Age is reached.

Hit Points: 270
Ranged Attack: 41
Siege Attack: 36
Hand Attack: 23/26 (69 vs Cavalry/78 vs Cavalry)