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The Settler is the main resource gatherer for most civilizations in Age of Empires III.


Settlers are relatively inexpensive but fragile. They are not meant for combat, but will fire weak muskets to defend themselves and others. Settlers can be used to collect Treasures. Each Civilization has a limit to the number of Settlers they can have at once. Settlers pay for themselves rather quickly, and the longer an individual Settler is alive, the more he contributes to the overall wealth of a given colony. Some Civilizations may receive Shipments of extra Settlers from the Home City, while others have to rely solely on producing them in the New World.

Civilization bonuses Edit

  • British spawn a free Settler with each finished Manor House
  • French have powerful Coureur des Bois instead
  • Dutch settlers cost Coin instead of Food and on 15% gather faster coin from mine
  • Russian Settlers gets trained in groups of three and cheaper by 10%
  • Germans have also likewise better Settler Wagons but retain Settlers
  • Ottomans spawn free settlers from Town Center


Shipments Edit

This is a list of shipments that benefit settlers in anyway.

  • Note that Germans send Uhlans with nearly every shipment.
  • French do not have Settlers so the shipment list is found here