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Tlaloc Canoe in game

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The Tlaloc Canoe is a naval unit exclusive to the Aztecs, that was first featured in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. Is very powerful against other boats and undefended buildings, but like all naval warfare very poor defended against Artillery and Shore Buildings

The Tlaloc Canoe is a large canoe covered by a tarp that is very useful in naval combat against enemy war ships. The Tlaloc Canoe is fast and it is strongest in battle if it is built in large numbers. The Tlaloc Canoe are also the strongest native boats in the game.

Upgrades Edit

Both are HC Shipments.

  • Offshore Support
  • Improved Warships

HC Shipments Edit

  • 2 Tlaloc Canoes
  • 3 Tlaloc Canoes

History Edit

The Canoes were very commonly used by the Aztec to transport many merchandise through the canals of Tenochititlan because the Aztecs had no oxen, horse, or wheels.

The Tlaloc Canoes were used by the Aztec for military purposes, and to travel down rivers. This way their soldiers could travel very long distances from the Empire.

In Other Languages Edit

Spanish: Canoa Tlaloc German: Tlaloc-Kanu